Elementary Grades 3 to 5

Elementary Course in Music

Performing Ensembles
All VCS Radio Conservatory students perform at the beautiful Vacaville Performing Arts Theatre for our annual Fall Concert, Blues Festival / Jazz Concert and Spring Concert. Students rated Level VI or higher perform in a wide range of additional projects depending on their course of study (See Upcoming Performances).

VCS Radio First Sound Wind and Percussion Ensemble (Levels I and up)
This is the beginning performing ensemble and basic music course open to all 3rd graders 

VCS Radio Next Sound Wind Ensemble (Levels I and up)
This the second and third year performing ensemble and basic music course open to all 4th and 5th graders 

VCS Explorer Ensemble Next Sound Wind Ensemble (Levels IV and up)
This is the intermediate performing ensemble and music course open to all students in school grades 4 and up with an achievement level of IV and higher.

VCS Chamber Ensembles (Levels V and up)
This the beginning performing ensemble and basic music course open to all students 

VCS Radio Symphony Orchestra (levels VI and Up)
This is the premiere performing ensemble at VCS specializing in advanced level concert music and film scoring. It's open to VCS students who have an Achievement Level Rating of VI or higher.
(See VCS Radio Symphony page)

VCS Radio Jazz Ensemble (levels VII and up)
This is a smaller ensemble consisting of students from the VCS Radio Symphony orchestra who have achieved level VII or higher. VCS Radio Jazz focuses on more eclectic musical genres with emphasis on both studio and live multi media performance . (See VCS Radio Jazz page)

Achievement Level Ratings
All Students have a skill rating (See RC Achievement Level Award) based on their advancement through a list of method study books. Every method book checked off advances the student's rating. Medals are awarded to the student signifying his/her achievement. Higher ratings also advance the student's opportunities. there are a total of nine levels. 

Master Classes
These are seminars in specialized areas such as instrument care and maintenance, advanced tone production, and other performance enhancement subjects.
(Check Student Portal section for times)

Work-Ahead Sessions
Students may come in before school and on Saturdays for the popular Work Ahead Sessions (Check Student Portal section for times).These sessions allow a student to work ahead of class at his/her own pace - advancing to higher Achievement Level Ratings.
Work-ahead students advance very quickly.

Private Lessons
Individual weekly lessons are available from a specialist on the student's instrument (see Private Lessons).