Our Name

"VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts / VCS Radio Symphony and Jazz" 

Throughout the world, there are many popular and well-respected orchestras connected to radio and television stations. Our school's radio station (VCS Radio / KVCB 100.9 FM) has the VCS Radio Symphony and VCS Radio Jazz as its very own orchestras. Both student ensembles got their first broadcast experience on VCS Radio – including their original scores to the three-time nationally award-winning science fiction radio drama series, Unit X-7.

The first important goal of our music students, while at VCS, is to ultimately become a member of VCS Radio Symphony and VCS Radio Jazz and broadcast on the VCS Radio Network. It stands to reason that these students should study at the VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts.

To this very day, The VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts dedicates its mission to use contemporary and historic creative connections to awaken the aspiring artist in everyone through multi-media projects including video, radio/television broadcasting, film, and the Internet. This, along with live productions, defines the VCS Radio Conservatory of the Arts as one of the most dynamic and exciting creative arts institutions --- with a fitting name.