VCS Radio Symphony

Recognized for its unique presentations of 19th and 20th-century high art music, VCS Radio Symphony is the flagship instrumental performance ensemble at Vacaville Christian Schools. The orchestra is made up of young musicians who have met the rigorous achievement level requirements and advanced commitment necessary to study and prepare top quality music. Only professional works are tackled without simplifying the overall arrangements. Students work with world-class professional musicians, historians, and entertainment industry experts to present the highest level possible in their performances. Most of all, these young aspiring musicians work hard, with some projects requiring over 117 hours of study and rehearsal.

Concert Productions
VCS Radio Symphony has always presented major works by artists from Beethoven to Holst -- bridging the worlds of traditional classics with modern multimedia technology to present concerts that are as stunning to watch as they are to hear. 

Film Scoring Projects
VCS Radio Symphony has achieved international recognition for its work in restoring, preserving and recreating performances of classic cinematic musical scores – especially from the silent film era. The ensemble was the first in the United State to premiere the restored Fritz Lang’s Metropolis with its original score in 2007, prompting the mayor of Vacaville to proclaim a day in their honor. Since that time VCS Radio Symphony has performed such full-length feature films as William Wellman’s Wings; Lotta Reiniger’s Adventures of Prince Achmed; Charlie Chaplin’s City Lights; Harold Lloyd’s Safety Last!; Douglas Fairbanks' Thief of Bagdad; Chaplin's Modern Times and their own composed orchestra film score to James Barrie's Peter Pan.

In addition to full-length feature films, VCS Radio Symphony has been instrumental in producing performance restorations of scores for several animated and live action short films. These including such classics as early Popeye and Superman cartoons and the early Thomas Edison Films

List of projects; upcoming and past